MY SAD SHOCKING STORY: I Slept With A Strange Woman And I Nearly Died

I am a womanizer or should I say, I love women a lot and I could do anything to sleep with any beautiful girl.I was always after all the girls in my class when I was in school; and you know, I always attracted them by the way I moved stylishly and lavishly spent money on them. Girls were all around me and I could choose whoever I wanted at anytime. On a fateful day, one of my friends came to invite me to a birthday party, I dressed gorgeously and followed him knowing that I was going to make a ‘new catch, if not catches’ so to say.


When we got to the party, I made myself so conspicuous that it didn’t take time before girls started milling around me. I forgot to tell you that I am quite lanky and attractive.

After partying for some time, I retired with one of my new girls to a nearby hotel which we hired for the night. As usual, we slept together but that was all I could remember. What do you expect of someone like me? I was so drunk and tired and the way I even managed to sleep with her that night was a mystery. I guess when you are used to something; you can even do it in the grave.


The following day when I woke up, the lady of the night before was nowhere to be found. I dismissed the thought of her as I used to do about other girls and went ahead to get myself prepared to go home not knowing something had gone wrong. It was when I was about leaving the hotel that I discovered I was not feeling well; I could barely walk and my limbs were shaking. I called my friends and they immediately came to my rescue and rushed me to the hospital for treatment.

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