A 98-year-old  woman has confessed to committing shocking atr0cities she claims she committed as part of her role as a witch. The woman identified simply as Betserai made the confession at the House of Grace International Ministries founded  Prophet Sham Hungwe, Daily Post.

According to the repented witch, she has eaten 70 human beings including her own daughters and other close relatives and also took her son’s v!rg!n!ty. Daily Post reports that the woman who hails from Murewa, accompanied by her relatives, showed up at the church saying that she had come to seek deliverance.

Hungwe who has made headlines in the past over his claims of being able to kill witches prayed for Betserai and declared her delivered. Betserai who showed up during the church’s midweek service, confessions before the members of the congregation, saying, “I have eaten more than 70 people including my own daughters and other close relatives.

“I have been practising witchcraft for a long time. I also killed my own daughters and I am responsible for my children’s misfortunes. “I took my son’s v!rg!n!ty. I had s3’x with my own son some time ago. I had no option since it was part of the rituals.” Betserai has reportedly been delivered from witchcraft and has hopefully turned a new leaf.