Have you ever pondered on what Nairobi pr0s’t!tutes do during the day. Well wonder no more because we have the answers and some of them will shock you.

1. Sleeping
Since they don’t have to sleep at night, day time is the perfect time to take a nap. If she is not high on caffeine or Miraa, then she will be sleeping the whole day.

2. Business as usual

There are those on the gri’nd always. They never have time to sleep. They are always on call. You will find them on the street and in the hood. At night, you will find them in Nairobi alleys, during the day, they are either on house ca’lls or inviting clients back to their crib. They only catch a sleep when the phone is not buzzing.

3. Housewives
You never know but your wife might just be ‘hawker’ at Koinange street. If you have never followed up on your wife’s night job, you might in for a rude shock. Many house wives take to pr0s’t!tution to supplement their income. If you are not providing for your wife then its a matter of time you started doing so.

4. Office Work
If you don’t believe but they are those ladies who are in pr0’st!tution just for the fun of it. They take pleasure in sleeping with different men. During the day, they are up dressed in official dresses but they turn into bea’sts when the sun sets.

5. Baby Sitting
The are pr0s’t!tutes at night and maids during the day. If you are wondering why your house help is always sleepy during the day then she might just be a hawker.