Singer Jose Chameleone allegedly pends contract renewal with events promoter Balaam

Well, singer ‘Jose Chameleone ’cannot stop making surprising decisions regarding his music career this year. According to our sources in Leon Island canp, it has been revealed how the African living music legendary has decided to pend his contract renewal with prominent Ugandan event’s organizer Balaam for enclosed reasons.

It is further revealed how Chameleone’s contract with Balaam came to an end last year and it was expected to be renewed earlier this year which unfortunately never bothered the two comrades

to seat on round table to do as the previous years.

This persisted until Chameleone’s concert this year which forced him to call for his longtime tight friend (Balaam) intervention to promote it which fortunately delivered success for him. However,

we are yet to hear from the two camps about these allegations. Keep on-line for more stories

By Wyfy Gibogi