Will Weasle Manizo survive in the music industry without Radio?

It is high time we all believed that prominent vocalist ‘Mowzey Radio’ is no more in the country’s music industry. However, this doesn’t mean that the Goodlyfe Magic camp is no more. Apparently, there has been a lot of criticism raising about singer Weasle Manizo’s new music career without Radio but before this hypes, there is a crucial point one needs to first get over mind before concluding how it would be for him such a talented music icon in the country.

Has one tried to remember that Weasle’s music career shine earlier even before he met the Late Radio? Or has someone tried research about the singer’s music background before the Goodlyfe duo?

Well, if I have not mistaken, we all knew Weasle before Radio right from his first single ‘Nakujali’ that he released around 2005-2006, Bomb clat featuring Jose Chameleone which flooded both regional and international airplays.

With those few songs, you can now truly judge Weasel Manizo’s ability of becoming a sole artist. To the worst point, some music critics have further compared Weasle and faded singer one ‘Gift ov Kaddo’ which is very wrong.

Gift ov Kaddo lost music focus many years ago and failed to bounce back in the game, maybe he wasn’t born such musical as Weasle who showcases his identity right from character, speech, style and looks and not forgetting his background.

To me, Weasle will surprisingly survive in this game and this has already been disclosed from his latest songs after Mowzey’s death. With such a simple close-up of his music background, what is your take about Weasel Manizo’s career?

By Ntambi Jimsal.