Mystery as Kenyan couple found dead with gunshot wounds in New Jersey, USA

A Kenyan couple living in Jersey city, New Jersey in USA were on Monday, March 5 found dead with bullet wounds inside the their home – Henry Okongo’s body was found in the basement with a single bullet wound while Lydiah Okongo’s body was found in a separate room on the first floor with multiple gunshots.

The discovery was done by a relative who also found a 5-month-old baby and a 5-year-old inside the house – It is reported police in New Jersey are now investigating a murder-suicide Kenyans living in Diaspora woke up to rude shock as a couple from Kenya were found dead in their home with bullet wounds on both of them on Monday, March 5.

The body of the man of the house identified as Henry Okongo was discovered in the basement of their house with a bullet wound on his head. Send ‘NEWS’ to 40227 to receive all the important breaking news as it happens .

His wife, Lydia Okongo’s body was discovered in a different room in the upper floor of their house with several bullet wounds on her body.

According to Local dailies, the bodies were discovered in the morning hours by a relative who also found a 5-months-old baby and a 5-year-old child in the house. The authorities in Jersey City, New Jersey, are now investigating into the mysterious deaths as a murder-suicide The couple had been living together for over a decade in the 2 Mina Drive home and neighbours are still confounded by the incident because, according to them, the Okong’os seemed “happy”. “Three children have been left without parents. This is so sad,” one neighbour was quoted by the local press .

However, some Kenyans in Jersey City, especially those who knew the couple, suspect the deaths could have been as a result of domestic violence. They suspect Mr Okong’o who owned run his own businesses in the area, might have shot his wife who worked as a nurse and then turned the gun on himself. “Most of us who knew the couple very well know that they have had a tough marriage,” Said George Omburo, one of the SDA church elders. “They quarrelled a lot and they would separate for long periods only to come together again.” he added. Omburo said neighbours reported to have heard a quarrel emanating from the house on Sunday night.